Anna Roebuck

Anna Roebuck is a local artist based at The Making House in Burton. She’s a mixed media artist, who creates jewellery and art using a variety of materials, though recycling is her first love and main focus. Anna teaches workshops and is passionate about Participatory Art, creating larger scale sculptures, (her swan included), with the help of different members of the community. Her overriding aim is to promote environmental issues in a fun and accessible way. Anna’s work is often experimental; exploring new ideas and ways to work with found materials is her joy and core to what she does.

Why did I want to be involved?

I’m excited to be part of the Burton Swans project; I love the idea of taking art out of the gallery in to everyday settings, so it’s wonderful that a project like this is happening in Burton. It’s a great opportunity for artists, sponsors and the local community to get involved with and inspired by art.

A bit extra on why I wanted to create Rubbish Swan

I’m so pleased my Swansors took the risk and chose my Rubbish Swan design; it’s a new type of project for me and a great chance to explore different ways of working with recycled materials. I wanted to celebrate The Trent, which is at the heart of Burton, whilst also reminding people of the environmental impact we have on our waterways.  

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