Donna Newman

Donna Newman is a freelance Mural Artist working in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. She has predominantly been working in schools across the region for over 12 years and seeks to inspire young people by transforming their learning environments with her vibrant artwork. Trained as a painter at Coventry University, Donna responds with creativity and flair to her client’s specifications producing original designs in a huge variety of subjects. She is also an experienced painter of sculpture trails and has raised over £150,000 for charities through her sculpture sales. Working in numerous locations and on various surfaces, Donna is an extremely versatile artist who brings colour and life through her art. 

This design is a celebration of wildlife along the river Trent. Meandering through Burton, it is the UK’s 3rd longest river and host to a rich variety of flora and fauna. Presenting a spring scene on the waterway the design features the iconic Burton swan as well as several species of birds with their young. The banks are a buzz with insects enjoying the wildflowers while fish swim beneath the calm surface of the water.

As a professional artist, I have worked on numerous art trails across the country and it's always so exciting to help raise awareness and funds for local charities. Bringing art to the streets is such a wonderful way to bring colour and life to public spaces whilst encouraging the public to explore their local areas. The buzz this creates is infectious!

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