Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner is an eco artist and designer who upcycles waste materials into new and beautiful creations.  She works mostly with plastic bottles and cans, transforming them into unique lighting, pictures, sculptures, flowers and gifts.  Whilst studying for her design degree in 2008, Sarah worked part time in a coffee shop.  She noticed that massive amounts of plastic bottles were thrown away so decided to collect them and see what she could create.  Now 12 years later, Sarah's beautiful eco designs have been exhibited internationally at prestigious shows in London, Milan, Paris, LA, Baku & locally in Nottingham where she is based.

Sarah says "I'm very excited to be part of the Burton Swans project. I've always thought swans are such beautiful, majestic creatures so I jumped at the chance to be able to make a swan artwork. It's such a great opportunity to be part of such a fantastic project involving so many amazing local artists"