Swans Under Construction

After months of development, the Burton Swans team is excited to see the first sheet of wood cut by sculptor Simon Watson.

 Our very first swan, who we’ve named Gertrude, is coming together nicely ready for her eye catching paint job. Each of our swans will be constructed in the same way, using a combination of wood and concrete to create the base for our artists to paint. They will be supplied ready primed in March 2020 to our chosen artists, who will either decorate them at the Brewhouse or in their own studios.

 Simon is based in Tutbury, Burton on Trent, and has worked with project manager Tilley to create the relief sculpture of the swan. The design needed to be large enough to grab the attention of passers by, durable enough to withstand 10 weeks outdoors and heavy enough not to be moved! The resulting sculpture is 1.5 metres tall, perfect height for taking selfies with! #swanselfie anyone?!

 Do you know someone who would love to have the chance to put their creative stamp on a Burton Swan? Download the artist pack here.