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How will it work?

Businesses and organisations are being invited to sponsor one of our uniquely-designed swans, which will sit on a base bearing the sponsor’s name, logo and details.

Established and emerging artists will be invited to submit designs for our swans. Sponsors will be able to choose their favourite, from the approved designs, and then start to make a splash and raise their profile in the town as a vital part of the swan sculpture trail.

Artists will be encouraged to think about Burton’s history and heritage as well as what makes it unique today. There is also scope for artists to consider environmental messages, such as the danger to swans and other wildlife from discarded plastic and litter in the river.

The swan seekers’ trail will go live in July 2020 and for 10 weeks the completed swans will attract visitors and local residents to the streets, open spaces and public areas of Burton. There will be a map of the trail to download from our official website and also a mobile app to help people to plot a route around the trail, discover the story behind each swan, their artist and their sponsors. The app will give them the chance to be tourists in their own town, discovering new places and unlocking rewards offered by project sponsors.

A commemorative book will include glossy, professional photographs of all the swans and will include details of all the local businesses and organisations that join the Burton Swans project.

Schools will join in the fun thanks to Burton’s Brewhouse Arts Centre who are subsidising the cost of an artist going into schools with a smaller cygnet for pupils to decorate, using creativity as a tool for learning.

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Sponsor Benefits


Swan sponsors will receive positive publicity on the project website, the downloadable trail map, our social media channels and the mobile app. This will increase awareness of their business or organisation in the run-up to the event, during the event itself and afterwards.

They will raise their profile in the town because local residents and visitors will see their details on the plinth of the swan they sponsor. The name, logo and website of all sponsors will also be included in a commemorative book produced after the project as a permanent record of this historic event.


Sponsors will attend the design exhibition event in January 2020 where they will get the chance to choose their favourite design from all approved submissions.

Priority will be give to early sponsors. Sponsors will receive a VIP invitation to the official launch of the trail in July 2020 and the farewell ‘swan song’ event and auction. All these events will allow sponsors to network with other project partners, sponsors and civic figures.


Similar events have generated lots of interest from local and regional press and broadcast media. You can also be sure there will be a big buzz on social media.

Burton Swans has its own social media expert who will professionally manage our channels to actively promote the project and its sponsors in the run-up to 2020 and throughout the event.


Staffordshire is known as The Creative County.

You will be helping to showcase that creativity as well as highlighting what has made Burton great and why it is unique. As a commissioned artist you will be able to use the official Burton Swans logo on your own website and marketing materials.


Sponsors will have the opportunity to offer rewards, deals and extra information on the mobile app.


As a sponsor you can involve your employees in this exciting, creative project and showcase the vision and values of your business.

It has the potential to boost morale and inspire pride in your business and in Burton. You will receive a large, mounted photograph of your swan as a permanent reminder.


Sponsors can join others to bid for the swans at a charity auction in the town centre in October 2020. This is a unique opportunity to own a swan that can be showcased at your workplace as a constant reminder of your involvement in this positive project that will enhance Burton’s image and make a difference to the lives of many.

Only our two headline sponsors will be allowed to keep their swan without it going into the auction.


Similar sculpture trails have increased community engagement, boosted town centre footfall, increased civic pride and stimulated the local economy.

How amazing will it feel to know you have been part of the same success story in Burton AND also helped to raise vital money for Burton and District YMCA to continue its important work in our town?

Our Current Sponsors

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Meet the artists who have helped to create this swantastic art trail

Schools and Community

Want to decorate your own Swan?

Burton’s Brewhouse Arts Centre is subsidising the cost of an artist visiting local schools with a smaller cygnet version of our swans for pupils to decorate.

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